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Selected Recent Urban Forestry and Forest Management Projects

Technical Reports:

The Potential of Trees to Influence Building Distress through Soil Subsidence

The focus of this investigation was to evaluate the possibility of future building distress at a large commercial property as a result of soil subsidence due to soil moisture depletion by trees adjacent to foundations. The tasks of IFS Associates in this investigation were to inventory each tree and plot their location on a site plan of the property and assess their species, size (diameter) and health condition. The distance of each tree from adjacent load-bearing walls and the size of available rooting zones were also measured. This report summarized these findings and addressed the likelihood of trees becoming the cause, whether direct or indirect, of possible, future building distress. Lastly, mitigative measures intended to help avoid any possible future damage were recommended.

Plantation Performance Assessment: An Analysis of Seedling vs. Transplant and Improved Stock Performance

A study for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources which assessed seedling, transplant and improved stock survivorship and growth performance one, three and five years after outplanting.

Management of Ice Storm Damaged Woodlots and Plantations. Technical Report #117

As one of a group of consultants directed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, IFS Associates participated in the development and writing of a publication to assist woodlot owners in managing their ice storm damaged stands.

Forest Management Plans:

Forest Management Plan for Vydon Acres

Completed compartment inventories covering 1800 acres and approved a forest management plan under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program for Donald C. Johnston Insurance Co.

Monahan Forest Interpretive Trail and Forest Management Plan

Designed a forestry interpretive trail and accompanying brochure for the City of Nepean’s Parks Department and created a forest management plan based on the objective of multiple use.

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP)

Under the MFTIP, IFS Associates has created and approved numerous forest management plans. Owners of forested land in Ontario who qualify for the program will, after the submission of an approved forest management plan, have their taxes reduced to 25% of the local municipal tax rate set for residential properties. See our Resources section to access the MFTIP webpage.

Urban Forest Inventories:

IFS Associates has inventoried thousands of trees on private, commercial and government-owned properties. Trees are normally assessed for species, condition and size. When required, their location is mapped using the Global Positioning System and AutoCad capabilities of IFS Associates Tree inventories are essential for the long-term planning required for successful urban forest management.

Aerial Adventure Course Surveys:

These reports detailed surveys of trees to be used as part of aerial adventure courses near three locations in Canada: Chelsea and Fort-Coulonge, Quebec and Revelstoke, British Columbia. Within aerial courses, trees serve either as stations, where wooden platforms are constructed around the main stems, or as anchors at end points of the course. One or more wire cables run between the trees at approximately 4.0m from the ground. These lines hold the various games used within the course and serve as tie in points for the participant’s fall protection. The tasks of IFS Associates in these surveys were to record each tree with a numbered tag, determine the species and size (diameter and height) of each tree and assess the structural integrity of each tree and therefore its suitability in terms of use in each course.


Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, IFS Associates has provided expert testimony in a number of court cases ranging from disputes over unauthorized tree removal and pruning to personal injury lawsuits. In other situations, IFS Associates has provided counsel with input into cases in the discovery stage, before they go to court.

Insurance Work:

Insurance providers often require the professional services of IFS Associates in regards to potential tree failure/hazard ratings, tree assessments and appraisals. This typically takes the form of a written assessment of the tree(s) in question and a professional recommendation as to whether the tree(s) need to be removed or methods to mitigate any problems. Our President, Andrew Boyd, always undertakes this work, due to his professional Errors and Omissions liability coverage.

Pre- and Post-Construction Work:

IFS Associates is commonly called upon during all phases of construction in order to ensure the survival of adjacent trees. Whether it be new subdivisions, in-fill housing, custom homes, sewer or other subterranean installations, or roadway construction, IFS Associates has the experience and qualifications to provide knowledgeable input and recommend ways to mitigate damage to trees and their root zones during construction.
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